Burnt Amber

This warm, resinous fragrance is earthy and sensual, reminiscent of opulent times. With deep heartfelt notes of abundance, this is a composite of plant-derived musks, including white musk from Angelica and Abelmosk interplayed with Ambrette seeds. It is a deeply inviting fragrance with a warm floral nose.


Cut Grass

So vivid in its nostalgia that it’s hard not to fall for this candid and enticing crisp freshness. It captures summer and brings home a green ‘newness’. It’s a gender-neutral fragrance that is calming, comforting and familiar.



Bloom is as the name suggests, a floral bouquet capturing that
burst of a blossom from bud to flower. It is classically feminine
– intrinsically contemplative yet yielding and gentle
in its dry down.


Wood Spice

A natural spicy composite brings home the essence of the warmth of your body. Rich and alluring in it’s initial engagement, it settles into a gentle and warm dry down. It is worldly, sophisticated and contemporary – a timeless classic.

About Carmelina & Lee

Carmelina & Lee was born out of two friends enjoying a particularly delicious glass of Chardonnay (often shared when contemplating most things significant in their lives).
They’d worked tirelessly together, for eight years, carving their unusual career path with love and passion for all things beautiful, especially those that are enticingly fragrant.

Carmelina means garden in Italian and Lee means meadow or wood in English. Gardens, meadows and woods are the source of all botanical fragrance which is what this range is all about – using nature and its beautiful fragrances as inspiration for a range of sensory objects of form and function for you and your home.
And, both these names happen to be the middle names of the designers of this range; Julie Carmelina Gardiner and Karen Lee Simpson.

The Carmelina & Lee range captures the essence of 4 different botanicals (essentially the moods of our four seasons): Bloom, Cut Grass, Citrus Amber and Wood Spice, both aesthetically and aromatically in our paper, candle, diffuser and perfume range.

Carmelina & Lee is an ongoing curation of ceramic, wood and fragrant objects that we have grown fond of in our everyday lives that we want to share with you– sometimes its to do with all things wonderfully fragrant and sometimes its simply shapes we like to use in our own homes, just because we love their pure and simple form and function.
The Carmelina & Lee expression transfers mostly into plain ceramics with wood accents and a few colour or pattern pops including metallics like copper and silver.


For more information on the Carmelina & Lee product range, please contact us.


Julie Carmelina Gardiner – jules@carmelinalee.co.za – 072 194 2208
Karen Lee Simpson – karen@carmelinalee.co.za – 082 894 0933